I make websites.

My day job? Full Stack Web Developer! I've been building and maintaining websites for several clients (big and small) across several agencies since 2016.

My primary comfort zone is the PHP/Yii-based Craft CMS, as well as Tailwind CSS, MySQL, Vue and other tools of the trade. Holding onto this area of expertise until AI takes over ?

I make music.

As far as my early passions, I've been making music since the age of 10, primarily behind the drum kit. I went to Jazz school in New York City for a couple years, which put me in shape to say the least, and gave me a well-rounded foundation on all things improvisation, composition, theory, and history.

Since then, I've dabbled in various projects including a long-time stint in a contemporary blues band, sporadic stints with singer-songwriters, dozens of musical theatre productions, synth-driven free improvisation experiments, and composing music for personal projects. It's a gene I will simply never give up.

I watch movies.

One of my other loves is film, particularly the race to the Oscars, which happens to be my Super Bowl. Some say it's all political, arbitrary BS, and y'know what? I know! That's what makes it fun!

In 2022, after some peer-pressuring and nudging from some close friends, I started a YouTube channel called Oscar Guy Here, where I provide my insights into the most recent films in contention for the aforementioned gold trophies. It's something I've found unexpected passion in and will continue trekking along, no matter how many subscribers I have (please subscribe)!

I spin wax.

In addition to my love for music, I started collecting some of my favorite albums on the golden standard of auditory media formats: vinyl. It began in 2010 when one of the music shops in my hometown closed down and had a clearance sale, walking away with about a half-dozen records.

Fast forward a decade and a half, I've somehow amassed nearly 600 records (I have a problem), going from a simple all-in-one Crosley player, to an Audio-Technica turntable with vintage sound equipment from the 70s. The "wax den" is an ever-evolving staple in my household; all guests are invited to spin any record of their (or my) liking and drinks are on me!

Peace. ✌️

As a raised Christian, I've been a keeper of the peace all of my life, striving to achieve Christlike-ness under any situation. Sometimes it's easier said than done, but that's what makes me human. Despite what the world may throw at me, I am chill.

My easy-going, carefree, laid-back nature is akin to the character Hirayama from Wim Wenders' 2023 film Perfect Days. I enjoy my routine, my typical meals, my typical friends and activities, limited confrontation (I'm working on that), and truly living in the moment (also working on that). I do my best to bring balance and ease to not just my life, but others as well, at least inadvertently.